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True or False? A mission statement states the purpose of the partnership, while by-laws are the official rules and regulations which govern the partnership. 

True of False? When engaging and mobilizing a group of partners for a CBPR partnership, it is important that there be a diversity of people within the group.

Organizational structure of your partnership will depend on factors such as:

True or False? Creating the "glue" refers to the adhesive substance of a partnership that promotes and sustains trust, communication, connectedness, and meaningful work efforts and products.

Which of the following is a NOT a primary ethical principle?

Which one of the following characteristics does not need to be considered when developing CBPR partnerships?

Mission statement of by-laws should acknowledge the values which the partnership seeks to uphold, including:

True or False? "Community Board", "Community Action Board", "Community Advisory Board" and "Steering Committees" are all considered to be the same thing.

One of the eight key principles of CBPR that supports successful research partnerships and are widely cited is:

True or False? Informed consent for CBPR is not required. It is only required for traditional experimental research.

True or False? Norms must be imposed on a partnership.

"Key informants" are people who are:

True or False? If community members are involved in the grant writing process, the proposal is more likely to address health issues/problems in a way that would be more acceptable to the community.

Emphasis needs to be placed on developing norms and principles for working together such as:

True or False? CBPR principles reflect the over-arching values and goals of the partnership.

Staff members working on behalf of the partnership can include the following positions:

Principles can include the following, except:

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